Easy installation! Bubble free, repositionable adhesive film!
Thick high gloss overlaminate protection!

X-Graphics are designed for easy bubble free repositionable installation. Using the latest technology in conformable air release films it is much easier to achieve a perfect or near perfect graphic install. X-Graphic materials are strong, have a wet look shine, and they stick.

We insert your supplied sponsor and company logos, rider name and numbers to our base designs and email you a PDF proof for approval or changes if any. Once approved your decals are printed, laminated and computer cut and couriered to you. If you are not sure about applying your X-Graphics, we provide a full installation service at our Upper Hutt premise free of charge.

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Installing your Graphics. 

1/ Very Important - start with a clean bike.
2/ Clean plastics with a mineral spirit and remove any old adhesive material.
3/ Wash panels with dishwashing detergent with hot water. Dry with paper towels. (do not use commercial paper towels or cloth rags).
4/ For each panel, place the graphic over the surface to get a feel for positioning.
5/ Remove the backing. Once in position slowly apply the graphic to the panel. If it looks to be out of position lift and reapply.  Continue to work the graphic onto the panel.
6/ For panels with difficult contoured shapes such as side number boards, you won't need to force it. If problems occur lift the graphic back and then continue to apply. If there are parts of the panel that have short or large curves to conform to, add heat to the graphic and it will conform to the shape of the panel.
7/  Finish by applying pressure to the graphic and lots of heat with a heat gun or hairdryer. Heat the entire graphic using a brush stroke motion. The heat and pressure will strengthen the pressure sensitive adhesive film and set the graphic to the shape of the panel.
8/  Finally if any of the decal is overlapping the plastic panel or too close to the edge, trim back as required.